truSculpt® Flex

Strengthening and toning your form has just become easier thanks to truSculpt® Flex. This revolutionary device stimulates your muscles, improving their tone and shape in only 15 minutes per treatment. Sessions are non-invasive and involve little, if any, downtime. Schedule an appointment at Healing Light Aesthetics to learn more.


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What Is truSculpt® Flex?

TruSculpt® Flex is a non-surgical muscle toning and strengthening system that uses electrical muscle stimulation to trigger deep muscle contractions at high intensity. Essentially, this device stimulates your muscles through pulses, giving each targeted area a workout. Patients undertake a painless series of treatments spaced over several weeks.

What Does truSculpt® Flex Address?

This device is ideal for those who are well into their exercise routines but have thus far failed to see the fruits of their labors. Unless you are really lean, regular exercise may not be sufficient enough to show you the muscle definition that you want. TruSculpt® Flex can help by stimulating your muscles enough to make them appear toned and more developed.

What to Expect

Treatments take only 15 minutes to perform per treatment area. After your session, you may experience some slight muscle soreness or tenderness. This is normal and is similar to the aftermath of a typical workout. Since this treatment is non-invasive, you can return to your daily routine right after your session. TruSculpt® offers three types of stimulation treatments to give you the results you want, Prep mode, tone mode, and sculpt mode.

truSculpt® Flex Treatments in Rutland, VT

Body transformations begin here at Healing Light Aesthetics. Our truSculpt® Flex system can supercharge your workouts and give you the muscle definition you deserve. To learn more and schedule an appointment, call us at (802) 775-7440 or contact us by filling out the form below.