Stubborn Fat

While diet and exercise can certainly help shed some extra pounds, stubborn fat in certain areas of the body is a whole other issue. If you’ve been doing your best to lose those love handles and still don’t feel like you’re in your best shape, our team at Healing Light Aesthetics can help. We offer the truSculpt® iD Fat Reduction option to help you sculpt the form you want without complications or prolonged downtime. If you’re ready to tone your physique, we welcome you to schedule your appointment at our center today.

How Does Stubborn Fat Form?

Losing belly fat, love handles, and stubborn fat takes a lot of work and dedication. These indicators of excess weight often show up due to poor dietary habits over a long period of time. Not getting enough exercise can also play a contributing role. Unfortunately, while some of us make a real effort to adhere to strict diets, we can still retain stubborn fat. Age and genetics play a role in the formation of fat as well. When focusing your exercises on your belly doesn’t seem to do the trick, opting for a body contouring procedure may come as a great solution.

stubborn fat in the belly

What Are the Signs?

Stubborn fat has the tendency to linger around the abdomen, back, flanks (love handles), thighs, and under the chin. These areas retain the most fat simply due to the biological structure of the human body. Due to their fat concentration, they are often the hardest parts to sculpt and tone into shape. Aside from the physical signs of stubborn fat, carrying excess weight can put a strain on your health. Being overweight may cause you to struggle with everyday tasks or have low energy. If this is the case, then starting on the path toward a healthier lifestyle can do wonders.

Stubborn Fat and Body Toning Treatments

At Healing Light Aesthetics, our team is dedicated to helping you sculpt the body you want without resorting to surgical means. Our non-invasive treatment options are designed to both reduce the concentration of fat in targeted regions while also stimulating muscle tone. We invite you to explore our best treatment solution: truSculpt® iD Fat Reduction


Stubborn Fat Removal in Rutland, Vermont

If you’re ready to shed those excess pounds and get the body you’re looking for, we invite you to contact us for a treatment today. At Healing Light Aesthetics, we proudly offer the truSculpt® iD Fat Reduction option to help you look and feel your absolute best. Get in touch with us today by filling out the form below or calling (802) 775-7440.

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