Though hyperpigmentation is generally harmless, it’s appearance is hardly ever welcome. The appearance of this type of skin discoloration occurs over time due to aging and sun damage. When your skin is exposed to the elements for a long time, patches of skin become darker in color, giving you an uneven complexion. If you’re experiencing skin discoloration, we encourage you to get in touch with our Rutland, VT center today. At Healing Light Aesthetics, our team always takes the time to understand individual skin needs before administering appropriate treatments. We invite you to experience all the benefits a comprehensive treatment approach can offer.

How Does Hyperpigmentation Occur?

Hyperpigmentation occurs when melanocyte cells begin creating too much pigment on the skin. This leads to the appearance of age spots or patches on the skin’s surface. This type of skin discoloration can happen anywhere on the body and can be exacerbated by inflammation, skin trauma, medications, cosmetics, and other skin issues like melasma. Hyperpigmentation from acne is one of the most common issues people struggle with. If these signs sound familiar to you, we welcome you to set up an appointment and receive the treatment you need.

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What Are the Signs?

Signs of this issue include the appearance of uneven skin tone, spotting, and skin discoloration. If you have this issue, you may notice white, brown, or black patches of skin on your face or body. Hyperpigmentation from acne can happen along with pimples and acne scarring that could give your skin a bumpy texture. Addressing these issues involves different approaches for different skin types. When you visit our Rutland, VT center, our team will assess your skin needs and determine the most appropriate option to help you feel happy and confident again.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options

At Healing Light Aesthetics, we offer a range of options to address your uneven skin tone concerns. Our treatments are individualized based on specific skin types and condition needs. When you arrive at our center, we will take the time to thoroughly assess your condition and determine what your skin requires. The most effective treatments we offer for this issue is Elite iQ™ Laser Facial.


Hyperpigmentation Treatments in Rutland, Vermont

If you are unhappy with your skin texture and ready to rid yourself of sun-damaged skin, we urge you to get in touch with our team today. At Healing Light Aesthetics, we provide comprehensive treatment options to help you look and feel your absolute best. To connect with our team, please fill out the form below or call (802) 775-7440.

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